Friday, March 4, 2016

VLOOKUP returning #N/A when it shouldn't

I am using VLOOKUP to convert rounded decimals to mixed fractions up to 1/32nds (e.g.
1.313 => 1-5/16).  I have quite a few decimals and a bunch of them are working correctly, but some of them are returning #N/A when they shouldn't.
This is my formula:
=IF(INT(EM37)>0,INT(EM37),"") & IF(EM37-INT(EM37)>0, IF(INT(EM37)>0,"-","") & VLOOKUP(EM37-INT(EM37),Lookup!$B$145:$C$175,2,FALSE),"")
After doing a bit of research on VLOOKUP problems, the pattern seems to be conflicting data types between lookup_value and the first column of table_array.  I have verified that ISNUMBER returns TRUE for both.
Opening "Show Calculation Steps" from the error menu that appears next to the #N/A cell for EM37=1.313, the following is shown:
"1" & IF(TRUE, "-" & VLOOKUP(0.313,Lookup!$B$145:$C$175,2,FALSE), "")
The next evaluation will result in an error.
Here is B154:C154, which is within table_array:
0.313    5/16
Why is #N/A being returned???

Anwsers to the Problem VLOOKUP returning #N/A when it shouldn't

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bwaldmann wrote:
I am using VLOOKUP to convert rounded decimals to mixed fractions up to 1/32nds (e.g.
1.313 => 1-5/16).
This is my formula:
[....] VLOOKUP(EM37-INT(EM37),Lookup!$B$145:$C$175,2,FALSE) [....]
Here is B154:C154, which is within table_array:
0.313    5/16
Why is #N/A being returned?
Perhaps because the value EM37-INT(EM37) does not __exactly__ match the binary representation of the constant 0.313, and you are doing an an "exact" VLOOKUP (FALSE).
To confirm, try entering the following formula  exactly  as written (with "redundant" +0"):
Format as Scientific.  Is the result 0.00E+00 (exactly zero) or something else?
If you continue to use this design, you should sort B145:C175 in ascending order based on column B, and use "approximate" VLOOKUP with TRUE in the last parameter.  It is more efficient, too.
But even then, you might get bitten because EM37-INT(EM37) might  appear 
to be 0.313, but it is actually infinitesimally less than the binary representation of the constant 0.313.
To avoid that, use ROUND(EM37-INT(EM37),3) if the constants in B145:B175 are always rounded to 3 decimal places.
If not, round to the greatest precision represented by the constants in B145:B175.

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