Sunday, March 27, 2016

Tech Support: 404 not found nginx message

404 not found nginx message

Whenever I try to access any search engine, I keep getting the same error:
"404 NOT FOUND" and "nginx" right underneath it.
I can call up any websites perfectly fine from address bars or from bookmarks but I'm just having problems with search engines.
Is there perhaps something being blocked in my security?  Is this a virus?  I
have Malwarebytes which I run almost every day and it never finds anything.
Also my McAfee virus protection has never found anything either.
It's weird, so I just tried from my address bar, it goes to the site without a problem, but when I tried to use their search engine, the same error pops up.
But when I put in the address bar,it doesn't even go to google, it gives the 404 NOT FOUND error. 
Before this 404 error problem started,  I've also been having redirecting issues for a few weeks, where if I used a search engine, it sometimes redirected me to other sites that had nothing to do with the site I wanted.
But now, like I said, I can't even
get to a search engine like Google without getting that 404 NOT FOUND error.
I'll try to go to a restore point from a week ago and see if that helps but if it doesn't what else can I try?  Thanks!

Solutions to the Problem 404 not found nginx message

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I had created the Text Document, thanks for your time.

Before I was able to view your replies, a new problem cropped up, the "Privacy Protector" fake antivirus.
That changed my priorities to get rid of that.
Therefore I found this thread on , followed all the steps, including the use of TDSS Killer and the free version of Malwarebytes as they prescribe, and it solved my Google "404 not found" nginx problem.

So there you go, another rhyme for another reason.
Thanks again for your time, hopefully all this work can help other computer amateurs that find themselves in sticky situations like I had.


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