Wednesday, February 24, 2016

[Solution] word vba sum text box values on user form

word vba sum text box values on user form

I have created a user form in word and I am trying to add the figures together.  There are 6 text boxes, 1, 2 and 3 are values which will be entered , box 4 the sum of boxes 1-3, box 5 is a value ro be entered and box 6 is the sum of boxes 5 and 6.
The entries in all 6 boxes will then be used to populate a letter.
So far the letter works fine but all of the figures are calculated manually.
From researching I understand that I need to convert the text box entries to value and they can then be added together.
Im not sure how to use the change function to converts the text to number format
I have started putting together the code to sum the boxes but I can test it until I can convert the text to numbers
Private Sub Calculate()
    On Error Resume Next
    txt_b4.Value = Format((CDbl(txt_b1.Value) - CDbl(txt_b2.Value) - CDbl(txt_b3.Value)), "#,##0.00")
    On Error Resume Next
    txt_b6.Value = Format((CDbl(txt_b4.Value) + CDbl(txt_b5.Value)), "#,##0.00")
End Sub
Thanks in advance for any held or suggestions

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