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How to Resolve - Can not get Task Scheduler to perform a forced log out after X number of minutes. Task runs but does nothing.?

Can not get Task Scheduler to perform a forced log out after X number of minutes. Task runs but does nothing.

I am a lab manager and we are testing windows 7 for implementation on our campus.
I have my local polices in place to lock down the student user account (we are not using a domain...yet).
All of that seems to be working as expected.
My issue is when a student saves data to the desktop, downloads, and documents folders and also leaves programs open.
The file issue we resolved with a .bat script that runs on every login that deletes all files and folders from the aforementioned directories.
So the issue remaining is the need to have the user account log out when not being used so that any windows that may be open and/or minimized (especially ones that might have ____ pulled up for the next unsuspecting user) can be shut down and the file deleting
script can run again to clean the files off.
So here is the process I have gone through.
I open task scheduler and I create a new task named "User logout".
I have it set to run whether the user is logged in or not (just in case it is required to run on all other user accounts) and to run with highest privileges.
I have the trigger set to "On Idle"
The action is set to run the program shutdown.exe with the switched /f (to force any programs closed) and /l (to log out)
NOTE: If I run this command directly from the command line, it shuts down all programs and logs out correctly.
Under conditions I have the "Start task only if the computer is idle for:" set to 1 minute (I know that windows checks for idle state every 15 minutes).
I have also tested this setting set to 15 and 30 minutes as well as having this not selected at all.
I have options in settings checked as well but they do not really matter in the basics of this unless it fails.
Main one that is checked for purposed of this rundown is "allow task to be run on demand".
So I save the task and then try running it manually, but nothing seems to happen.
I check the Task history and it reports that the task ran successfully.
Problem is that it did not actually log out, so it didn't run successfully.
here are the items from the history:
Task Scheduler launched "8fd60c4d-217a-4e07-b762-06099f7f7ecf"  instance of task "\User logout"  for user "admin" .Task Engine "S-1-5-21-2379419291-1717419969-4042503681-1000:LIB101--006\admin:Password:Highest"  received a message from Task Scheduler service requesting to launch task "\User logout" .Task Scheduler launch task "\User logout" , instance "shutdown.exe"  with process ID 1568.Task Scheduler successfully completed task "\User logout" , instance "8fd60c4d-217a-4e07-b762-06099f7f7ecf" , action "shutdown.exe" with return code 1.Task Scheduler successfully finished "8fd60c4d-217a-4e07-b762-06099f7f7ecf" instance of the "\User logout" task for user "LIB101--006\admin".
The fun part is if I do this same exact process but use the switch of /r (reboot) instead of /l it works like a champ and reboots the machine completely.
So I am not sure what is wrong.
is this just a bug with task scheduler and the /l switch?
Before someone suggests just setting the screen saver to log out, please be aware that it is not a full log out of the account, so it does not close programs nor does it run start up items again, which completely defeats the purpose.
If I am missing a setting
or something in regards to this, please let me know.
I really hope someone can help with this issue.
I am really pulling my hair out trying to get it to do what I want.

Anwsers to the Problem Can not get Task Scheduler to perform a forced log out after X number of minutes. Task runs but does nothing.

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  4. Type or copy paste the below command line into it without quotes:
  5. "Sfc /scannow"

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